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What is JamFeed?

JamFeed is a customized music news app that keeps you up-to-date with all of your favorite artists, bands, and festivals in real-time. We customize your music news feed daily so that you can stay in touch with all of the music you love in one place.

Turn on mobile push notifications to be the first to know about breaking music news for your favorite artists and festivals. Notifications include new music releases, tour announcements, and festival lineup/schedule announcements.

JamFeed is the easiest way to keep up to date with the music that you love!



Personalized content everyday from your favorite music news sources.


Find related artists and festivals based on your current followers.

New Music Releases

Be the first to know when your favorite artist drops a new song, album, or video.

Sync Your Music

Get artist recommendation from Spotify based on who you currently follow.


Know when your favorite artists come to town and browse local shows everyday.

Artists & Festivals

Get updates on all your favorite artists, bands, and festivals around the world.

JamFeed For Artists

JamFeed is a direct-to-fan platform that allows artists connect and engage with fans directly on their mobile devices without all the noise of social media. Unlike many social media platforms, JamFeed was built for artists. We put 100% of your content in your fans news feeds, and we send them push notifications the minute your new music is released.

If you would like to get an artist or band page created on JamFeed, please contact us at

  • New Music / Video Releases
  • Music Reviews / Interviews
  • Real-Time Updates to Fans Phones
  • Tour / Event Announcements

JamFeed For Festivals

JamFeed is a year round mobile marketing platform for music festivals to communicate and engage with their fans directly to their mobile devices, even when your fans delete your festival app after the event is over.

If you would like to get a page created for your festival, please email us at

  • Year Round Mobile Notifications
  • Lineup / Schedule Announcements
  • Real-Time Concert Reminders / Festival Tips
  • Data on Music Festival Fans

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